What Causes "Zombie Infrastructure"? Depends Who You Ask

Michigan congressional candidate Kerry Bentivolio thinks he knows what causes dead shopping malls. Sarah Goodyear in Atlantic Cities quotes him:

You see vacant properties everywhere you look. This is the product of an economy that is manipulated, controlled, and over-regulated by the federal government.

He describes the empty strip mall's beauty.

I like it, it's got character. I'd like to call it neo-classical, but I'm not an architect.... It's beautiful. Since I came back from Iraq in 2008 it has been vacant. It's a shame.

But it is all the federal government's fault. Nothing to do with bad local planning, overbuilding, a lending industry that was under-regulated, an economy that, as Jim Kunstler put it, ran on building houses, big box stores with crap to fill the houses, with highways and minivans to carry everything between them. Nope. To Republican tea party types, it's too much regulation.

What Causes "Zombie Infrastructure"? Depends Who You Ask
Republican Candidate in Michigan blames too much federal regulation. Others might suggest too little.

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