Walk [Your City] Campaign Lets City Dwellers Encourage Walking with Guerrilla Wayfinding Signs

Yesterday, I posted about Walk Raleigh, Matt Tomasulo's "guerrilla wayfinding" campaign to encourage his neighbors to consider walking instead of driving. He went around the city, posting signs with walking times and directions to various destinations.

They were such a hit that, although the City took them down for lacking a permit, it immediately began a pilot program to try them out, officially. Now Tomasulo wants other cities to follow in Raleigh's footsteps.

tomasulo walk your city raleigh guerrilla wayfindingMatt Tomasulo/Video screen capture

And that starts with some "self-motivated and unsanctioned" action by locals. To go from Walk Raleigh to Walk [Your City], Tomasulo is creating an open-sourced online resource to make, print and install custom signs. The format isn't too trick: "It's A(n) __ Minute Walk to "Destination"."

For funding, he's launched a Kickstarter campaign. Here's his pitch:

So if your city isn't among the most walkable in the country, here's your chance to help it move up in the rankings.

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