Video Recreates Flying Amusement Park in Buenos Aires, Offers Refreshing View of the City

Inception Park Shows Roller Coasters Flying Through Buenos Aires Video StillVimeo/Video screen capture

Inception Park is the name of a video in which mechanical games from an amusement park are mashed with beautiful views of Buenos Aires in whimsical images of people flying in roller coasters or driving carts in the government house balconies.

Directed by Argentinean filmmaker Fernando Livschitz of Black Sheep Films, it's been viewed by over 250 thousand people in less than three days, and it's not hard to see why.

As urban populations grow and we think of ways to reinvent the cities we live in, isn't it amazing to view a major capital like Buenos Aires in a light so bright and fun? Don't we all dream our cities can be this exciting?

The director says: "The 'park' was an artistic project wich aimed to show Buenos Aires in a different and fun way. It was shot in emblematic buildings of the city in a process that lasted for two months and integrally realized by me."

Perhaps we won't be selling tickets for a flying roller coaster just yet in the capital of Argentina, but this sure is the time to set no limits in how we imagine the urbes of the future.

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