Toyota's housing division to restart H2pia, the hydrogen community

© Toyota H2Pia Division

Everyone knows Toyota makes cars, but it is also a big builder of prefabricated homes in Japan. Now that they are pushing their new Mirai hydrogen car and rolling out filling stations, it only makes sense that they should also roll out hydrogen powered houses and built hydrogen powered communities. So they have purchased the rights to that wonderful Danish dream scheme, H2Pia.

unplugged© Toyota H2Pia Division

H2Pia is a grand vision:

H2PIA is a complete urban community with residential houses, businesses, shops, cars, and roads. The inhabitants are ordinary citizens who can enjoy life in a clean, future-proof and sustainable society. But beneath the surface, much will be different from today, because of H2PIA's hydrogen technology. The best of the Danish architectural tradition will be employed to make use of the new requirements and possibilities that this technology presents, and the infrastructure will be constructed in a new and different manner.

There will be an organic chicken in every pot, and an Mirai hydrogen car in every garage, truly the American Dream.

h2pia plugged© Toyota H2Pia Division

It will be a mix of single family and apartment style houses:

H2PIA residents will have a number of options for their home: Plugged, Unplugged, Hybrid…and the latter even comes with a hybrid hydrogen car which feeds energy into the community grid when not in use. Besides all the awe-inspiring plans for energy production, the development takes into account many other elements of healthy living, such as public community space, indoor/outdoor home design, abundant greenery, and enough urban infrastructure concentrated in one place to reduce (or eliminate) the need to commute.

Toyota has not announced where the first H2Pia community will be built, but TreeHugger can't wait.

Toyota's housing division to restart H2pia, the hydrogen community
The Danish concept from a decade ago fits perfectly with their rollout of the Toyota Mirai