Teledisko: Defunct payphone booths repurposed as mini-discos

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With the proliferation of mobile phones, payphones are being used less and less, with some booths being converted into aquariums, street libraries and wi-fi hotspots. In Berlin, a handful of old payphone booths were recently converted into mini-night clubs, purportedly the world's smallest. They come complete with renovated interiors boasting strobe lights, a smoke machine, disco ball and a selection of thumping music accessible via a touch screen.

Dubbed the Teledisko, the repurposed booths can fit up to three people, and also doubles as a convenient photo and video booth that can record your night of disco debauchery. Put some change in, and you've got some time to strike a pose, dance to music, and receive a set of four photos at the end of your allotted party time.

The project was spearheaded by German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom. According to Pop-Up City, there are three of these booths, coming in gold, silver and pink. There's one in Berlin's chic Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district, while another one is a mobile version that can be rented and moved to any location. This is one clever and fun way to reuse these old forgotten phone booths, and give them another lease on life! More over at Teledisko.

Teledisko: Defunct payphone booths repurposed as mini-discos
You thought disco was dead? Not with these old payphone booths, now transformed into ultra-exclusive, tiny dance clubs, complete with the disco ball.

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