Survive the apocalypse in the comfort of your RV at Vivos Kansas

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It's fun for the whole family at the Vivos Kansas underground shelter and resort, brought to you by Robert Vicino, the former time-share salesman who showed us how to Laugh at the Apocalypse In Your Vivos Shelter and Survive the Apocalypse In Style. To stay in either of those, you needed a lot of money; it's expensive, digging holes and building all this stuff and buying giant flatscreen TVs.

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Vivos Kansas takes a completely different approach, more like a trailer park than a hotel. The hole in the ground is already there; starting in the 1880s giant caverns were created while mining limestone. It then got used for storage by the army during World War II; the army history says:

The total underground surface area of the complex is approximately 127 acres. It has been described as the world's largest single storage unit on one level, with floor space equivalent to a multimillion-dollar storage building. One hundred seventy-eight pillars of unmined limestone, each 20 to 30 feet in diameter, support the massive rock ceiling.

The whole thing was recently sold to an investor for all of $ 510,000, who sold 3/4 of the facility to Vicino. This is where it gets really clever; instead of building rooms and suites for your family, you just bring your own as the whole thing gets turned into a giant underground RV park. Prior to the apocalypse you can use the grounds above for a range of recreational activities; inside there's a skateboard park, a shooting range and training in self-defence and survival.

When the crunch comes and the place gets locked down, you are safe from nuclear explosions, asteroid strikes, pandemics and sudden pole shifts, all in the comfort of your own RV. But don't expect to drive in and out; according to Matt Hickman at MNN, there's some work to be done.

All vehicles are subject to an extensive inspection and preparation process before being granted entry to the complex in which all fuel and propane tanks are removed. Because of this time-consuming process, it's recommended that members keep their RVs parked within the resort on a more-or-less permanent basis so that they're good to go when the "moment of truth" arrives.

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This is a wonderful step forward in survivability for regular folks. The previous Vicos shelters were expensive, really for the 1%; when I complained about them, Vicos Command actually commented on my post "Amazing how those that can't afford something are always so full of criticism. Let us know how it works out for you on the surface!" But I could park my minihome here for $34,000 plus food, and enjoy it year round.

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort - Kansas from Vivos on Vimeo.

Fun and survivability in one affordable package. What could possibly go wrong? More at Vivos

Survive the apocalypse in the comfort of your RV at Vivos Kansas
The new economy model for surviving the end of the world lets you park your own.

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