Streets are for people (and water slides)

Park and Slide photo
Video screen capture Cinematica Media

My former hometown of Bristol is a beautiful place.

From the mayor taking his entire salary in local currency to one of the coolest employee bike sheds I have ever seen, it also has a lot going for it in terms of sustainability.

Including a water slide under a city's green credentials would normally feel like pushing your luck, however. Unless, of course, you build it in the middle of a steep, busy thoroughfare normally clogged with traffic...

True, it's a temporary art installation. But, as the aforementioned mayor George Ferguson says in the video below, nobody will be able to walk down Park Street again without understanding it's a place not just for cars, but for people to have fun too.

Park and Slide Bristol [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from Cinematica Media on Vimeo.

Streets are for people (and water slides)
A slippery art installation in Bristol, England, reminds us that streets are not just for cars.

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