Streetfilms become Streetcomics with graphic explanation of Sneckdowns

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In her book City Rules, Emily Talen wrote about how such an innocuous thing as the radius of a corner can affect how people and drivers act. I wrote earlier that she explained: important curb radii are in affecting the relationship between pedestrians and cars. "As curve radii go from five feet to fifty, you get a completely different pattern and scale." This intersection has two different conditions; one which forces cars to slow down to actually turn, and another with large radii that let the cars just swoosh around, and removes the corner where the pedestrian actually has some control.

In a post last year where I looked at the origin of the term "sneckdown" I noted that "The snow is doing what the traffic engineers won't do: narrowing the streets, slowing people down. It's showing the places drivers and people don't go."

Now, in anticipation of a snowstorm coming their way in New York City, the Streetfilms gang are turning into the Streetcomic gang with a graphic explanation of how sneckdowns work and what we can learn from them:

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Streetfilms become Streetcomics with graphic explanation of Sneckdowns
For those who don't have the patience to watch a video.

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