Sit-able cities are as important as walkable cities

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At a time when we all promote standing desks and walkable cities, Chuck Wolfe, author of Urbanism Without Effort, takes an effortless, lazy and counterintuitive approach.

Simply stated. walkable is good, but sit-able is better. And it’s time for the next big focal point and the next big idea, The Sit-able City.

parkLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0
In his blog post, Wolfe shows photos from the south of France and Corsica; I am using my own from Paris, showing much the same thing.

I know. A new focus on the “sit-able” spaces in the public realm sounds more like cultivating couch potatoes than great cities.... Sitting, in order to rest, converse, beg and sell is what people have always done, and captures a major part of urban life. Sitting with style, grace, safety and reflection is a major element of “place capital”—an increasing buzzword for urban success.

paris parkLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

It's a great point, one that Wolfe calls a game-changer. A walkable city is great, but as the great urbanist David Byrne wrote in The Big Country, "I'm tired of travelling, I want to be somewhere." The concept of Sit-able Cities may well be the next big thing.

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Sit-able cities are as important as walkable cities
Urbanist Charles Wolfe thinks that sitting is the next big thing.

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