Simple Swing Makes Any City Spot a Playground

upswing kevin shayKevin Shay/Video screen capture

One of our favorite topics on TreeHugger is the ingenious ways in which people make the city environment a fun place to be. Living in a dense urban area is great way to reduce our impact on the environment, but it can be confining and stressful. That's why I like the super simple UpSwing by industrial designer Kevin Shay.

Made of what looks like leather, canvas, a carabiner and some rope, the UpSwing is easily attached to anything high enough and strong enough to support the weight of the swinger. Shay's video shows him enjoying himself in an old warehouse, a park, and, my favorite, a city street.

It's not a solution that's practical on a large scale; passers-by would inevitably get kicked, swingers would fall from branches that broke under their weight. But it's a nice idea, that a stressed city slicker could stop for a few minutes and have some fun, making the city a nicer place to be.

Simple Swing Makes Any City Spot a Playground
A minimalist, easy to setup swing lets you have more fun anywhere you go.

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