Real estate industry ads say Little Ginny should live in the suburbs

Little Ginny finds her dream house
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It's amazing, how many people in North America reject the idea that you can actually bring up kids while living in a condo or a rental apartment. It's done all over the world, in some of the fanciest and most expensive cities where people want the amenities that only cities can provide, but here it is considered cruel and wrong. In Toronto, we have a meme about Little Ginny; during a debate about zoning three bedroom apartments for families downtown, the deputy Mayor (from the suburbs of course) complained:

As far as raising your children downtown, maybe some people wish to do that. I think most people wouldn’t. I mean, I could just see now: ‘Where’s little Ginny?’ ‘Well, she’s downstairs playing in the traffic on her way to the park!

More in Little Ginny is growing up downtown, and so are a lot of other kids

In another post Is Living in Small Spaces Cruel To Children?, commenters were appalled.

I do find this unbelievable - I feel sorry for the children since they barely have anywhere to play and weather is not always willing for them to be outside. In the US, the children would be taken.

But more and more people are looking at the options of condos, especially as houses get so much more expensive. The real estate industry must be getting worried, because they are fighting back with ads implying that condos are no place to raise a family. I could rant on this subject forever, but commenter Jake did a much better job in comments on YouTube:

RE/MAX, this commercial is offensive and shameful. It portrays living in a city as selfish and shallow. How is it selfish to allow children to experience the diversity, culture, and excitement of city life? Why should children be subject to sterile, lifeless, cultureless suburbs? Even worse, this commercial has racist and classist undertones, implying that anyone who raises a child in the city is being selfish and irresponsible. You are trying to perpetuate the white flight that led to disinvestment in schools in the first place, rather than encouraging people to raise families in cities not only so that urban schools can redevelop a tax base, but also so that children can experience diversity and culture. RE/MAX, you should be ashamed. If people want to live and raise families in urban areas, you should be following the market, not shaming them for it.

Wow, Jake sure is reading a whole lot into a fifteen second commercial but he gets all the critical points. I can't top that for outrage.

Real estate industry ads say Little Ginny should live in the suburbs
More people are raising their families downtown, and the industry doesn't like it much.

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