Quote of the Day: The Future According to Agenda 21

We have tried so hard to keep it low key, but Americans are finally catching on to the TreeHugger/ LifeEdited/ Agenda 21 plot to change America. At a recent meeting in Corning, California, Anti-agenda 21 activists protested the appointment of a new county trails commissioner, since trails are part of the agenda 21 plot to take away our cars and force us on to bicycles. One protester defined the Agenda 21 plot:

During public comment, Mohler described a future in which people would be forced to live with five others in 20-by-20 living spaces with push-button furniture in high-rises across major cities. The complexes would serve three vegetarian meals a day, feature mosques and have a 24-7 on-call doctor to discuss taking one's own life.

Yup, that sounds about right.

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