Quote of the Day: David Frum on Cities

Cranes over TorontoCranes and Rainbow over Toronto/ Lloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Where so many Republicans are positively anti-urban and think that cities are where Democrats fester, Conservative columnist David Frum considers them to be one of Three seeds for America's future economic boom. He writes:

The shift to a greener economy involves changes in the way we use space as much or more as changes in the way we use fuel: People reorganizing their lives in ways that allow them to walk to work rather than drive.

The downtown revival remains a boutique industry. Real densification will come as Americans add condo towers beside their suburban office parks and atop shopping malls; as four-story and six-story multi-use buildings rise along the boulevards of Los Angeles; and as entrepreneurs invent 21st-century mass transit systems to interconnect them, such as Wi-Fi equipped jitney buses that arrive within 10 minutes of a tap on a smart phone.

Building new cities will put construction workers back on the job. Living in them will liberate millions of person-hours from the waste of the commute.

Quote of the Day: David Frum on Cities
The conservative columnist suggests 3 seeds for an economic boom, and gets at least one right.

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