Prepare to Be Infected with Awe!


Well, this is just a brilliant little video. Watch it. I'll just wait here while you do.... Great, right?

Besides the masterful editing by @notthisbody and ecstatic delivery by
@jason_silva, this video grabbed me because it touches on a lot of themes and big ideas we like to cover here at TreeHugger. From Paul Stamets' thinking on how mushrooms could save the world to biomimicry in design and the ecology of urban planning, Silva pulls together some fascinating and important ideas about how modern technology and networks are similar to natural systems and processes, while also challenging us to gain insights from those realizations.

I asked Silva to explain some of the back story to this project:

[The video] is part of a non-commercial series of 'ecstatic meditations' exploring the co-evolution of humans and technology. The video is meant as a shot of 'philosophical espresso', or a PSA to infect you with Awe! I created the video, in collaboration with my friend Marija Coneva, as an attempt to transmit a vision of interconnectedness and 'epiphanize' audiences and expand consciousness. I am inspired by Bucky Fuller's notion of the "Performing Philosophers"."

I love this idea of an awe-inspiring PSA. In a way, the video reminds me of Annie Leonard's great Story of Stuff project, at least in tactic, though not style, because Silva's videos are a clever way to introduce some perhaps dry, but still important concepts.

I've long felt that the most important thing people could understand about environmentalism and sustainability is the basics of ecology and interconnectedness. For example, if you learn about how much humans depend on bees for survival, it should make you care a bit more about what kind of honey you buy. Simple understanding like that can ripple throughout your life and inspire you to learn more and make even more important changes to your life which will inevitably impact the lives of others, such as farmers in your community or local businesses. That's the power of understanding interconnectedness. It's small. It's huge. It's everything.

If you liked this clip, check out Silva's vimeo page for more videos.
Silva added that he'd be showing the video and speaking at Lucid NYC on January 11th, and the DLD Digital Life Design Conference in Munich on Jan 22nd.

Prepare to Be Infected with Awe!
"To Understand is to Perceive Patterns" is a new video on the importance of understanding interconnectedness. Chris Tackett explores why this matters for environmentalism.

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