The Porch: Philadelphia Creates a New Public Space

Our friends over at Streetfilms just did a great piece about Philadelphia new public space, The Porch. Inspired by New York City's Time Square and located at the 30th Street Station, it's a great experiment that we hope will continue and inspire others.

To create The Porch, University City District was able to piggyback on a larger PennDOT project to rehabilitate six bridges adjacent to 30th Street Station. UCD’s vision for the site is the creation of an inviting, animated public place, with amenities such as abundant and comfortable seating, sun and shade, trees and plantings; ultimately, The Porch at 30th Street Station will become a vibrant magnet and a source of civic pride. (source)

Via Streetfilms

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The Porch: Philadelphia Creates a New Public Space
A new public space in Philadelphia helps make the city more human-scale and increase quality of life for people who work or pass through the area.

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