Pedestrian Penalty Cards Teach People How To Use The Sidewalk

Pedestrian Penalty Cards© Cory and Andy of Pedestrian Penalty Cards

Everyone complains about rude cyclists who blow through stop signs, or drivers who take up so much space, but nobody ever says anything about the sainted pedestrians who are saving the world with their feet, even when they clog the sidewalk with huge umbrellas or you have to move out of their way because they are too busy texting. Then there are the flaneurs who clog the streets as they slowly stroll when you are in a hurry. And then there are the gangs of friends walking side by side and taking up the whole sidewalk. Finally there are the kings and queens of of jerkdom, who don't move to the right on the escalator so you can get by. There was nothing one could do but glare at them.

Until now, when Emmy-winning writer Cory and designer Andy introduce Pedestrian Penalty cards that you can hand out to all these obnoxious amblers. They sell the whole downloadable set online for a buck.

The next time I am riding my bike down the sidewalk I will be handing them out to those people who are stupid enough to get in my way. More at Pedestrian Penalty Cards, found on Flavorwire

Pedestrian Penalty Cards Teach People How To Use The Sidewalk
Just what we needed: a way of getting those pesky pedestrians to use the sidewalk responsibly

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