Paris designers create "Insectopia" bug houses

A number of artists have created urban dwellings for city birds, and now the designers Vaulout & Dyèvre have created the same type of habitat for bugs. Titled "Insectopia," the bug houses have been installed in a park in the 13th arrondissement of Paris as part of an effort to foster urban biodiversity.

"We wanted to speak to this little universe which is invisible but constantly moving," the designers write. The structures are reminiscent of both a tree and a densely populated city, with tiny building mounted in different heights in a cluster.
bug boxes to promote biodiversity© Vaulout & Dyèvre
It's unclear what type of insects will make use of the bug houses, but the designers write they imagine the project as a kind of town where different species can cohabit.
bug boxes to promote biodiversity© Vaulout & Dyèvre

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