Pallets, Tires, Garbage Bags and Plastic Drums Turned into Lovely Playground in Niamey

Children games with plastic drums in Niamey, Niger. Photo© Basurama

Basurama is a Spanish experimentation and cultural management collective born at Madrid's Architecture School which since 2001 has been focused in observing, studying and reusing waste in all kinds of cultural activities.

Through invitations by other groups or their own initiative, they have built amusement parks with discarded materials in Lima, recycled street carts in Mexico and built bicycles with recovered parts in Madrid, among many others.

Last year, the group arrived in Niamey, capital of Niger, to teach locals how to build playgrounds with local, low cost materials. According to the Basurama blog, 60 volunteers from 12 cultural centers participated in a one week workshop in which they learned to look at materials usually treated as garbage in another light.

General view of the recycled playground with pallets and tires in Niamey, Niger. Photo© Basurama

Children playing with straps made with garbage bags in Niamey, Niger. Photo© Basurama

Woman swinging in the recycled playground in Niamey, Niger. Photo© Basurama

To practice, the group transformed a space where waste used to be burnt in a playground made entirely with pallets, tires, garbage bags and plastic drums.

The children and adults' faces using the space show how much the reality of a neighborhood can change with some creativity and little resources. A video prepared by Basurama shows the entire process:

In order to promote further cultural activity in the region and as a culmination for the project, the group participated in cultural management workshops to share self-management and networking tips with the directors of 12 local cultural centers.

Playground structures made with recovered pallets. Photo© Basurama

Children playing in recycled pallets structure in Niamey, Niger. Photo© Basurama

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