Olympic 2012 Posters Get a Gold Medal

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The winning posters for London's 2012 Olympics have been released and many deserve a Gold medal.

There are twelve in all, created by leading British artists and they are meant to represent the essence of the Olympic spirit: friendship, fair play, glory, honour and peace. With six for the Olympics and six for the Paralympics, the images range from a blue swirl of a swimmer, to Olympic rings, to more abstract ones suggesting the podium and swimming lanes.

bob and roberta smithcreativereview/Public Domain

Patrick Brill AKA Bob and Roberta Smith is an eco-artist, featured in TreeHugger before. His work usually consists of hand-painted signs with a humorous message. This one seems to try a little too hard.

gary humecreativereview/Public Domain

Gary Hume's work for the Paralympics looks like lovely leaves but apparently "the large circle in the bottom represents the wheel of a wheelchair and the smaller circle represents a tennis ball." Sometimes it's better to leave the descriptions out.

sarah morriscreativereview/Public Domain

Sarah Morris' rendition of Big Ben for the Paralympics is a striking and strong image.

martin creedcreativereview/Public Domain

Posters have been part of the Olympic tradition since 1896 and have become an art form in themselves. It's a chance for artists to present the Olympic ideals in an dramatic and artistic way, "to imagine the forces of human effort and natural capacity that have always made sport a theme for modern art."

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