NYC Guerrilla Gardeners Turn Billboard Blight into Pop-Up Planters -- In Four Easy Steps

pop up garden nyc billboard photo

Photo of an 'instant' garden at Spring and Lafayette via NYC The Blog.

Guerrilla gardeners in New York have seized the opportunity created by the city's crackdown on illegal advertisements to promote their own cause on the now-empty billboard spaces: greening the urban jungle, one pop-up wall garden at a time.

"The numerous white, empty advertising boards at street level -- many illegal and now empty due to recent enforcement actions by the [City Department of Buildings] -- make perfect pop-up parks; green graffiti if you will," NYC The Blog wrote, explaining the process in four simple steps:

First, cut out a triangle-shaped area from the plastered paper on the billboard, peel it back, and staple it to the wall. Fill the makeshift pot you just created with soil and plant your fauna and flora. Then step back and admire your handiwork, and be happy with your efforts at creating a pleasing experience for others in the community.

While the "gardens" may not last much longer than the billboards, they're a clever reminder about all the privatized "public" space in our urban areas that could actually be filled with something the public could enjoy.

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