NRDC: Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists threaten cities' sustainability efforts

Urban planners at work
Public Domain Urban planners at work

Agenda 21 is the conspiracy Theory of Everything, making climate change, light bulbs, transit, smart growth, fuel economy, bike lanes, sustainability, anything green into a plot to take away America's freedoms. (in his latest missive, conspiracy king Tom DeWeese rolls in ObamaCare and yes, "Common Core is the curriculum necessary for the acceptance and implementation of Agenda 21" and no, I am not providing a link.)

So while it is a theory of everything, the real damage it is doing is at the level of urban planning and urban sustainability efforts. Jacob Scherr of NRDC follows the growing number of states that are passing anti-Agenda 21 legislation, including the re-introduction of a bill in Missouri that forbids policies “traceable to Agenda 21” he writes:

The anti-Agenda 21 bill “has the potential to have a chilling effect” on sustainability efforts, says Dennis Murphy, chief environmental officer in Kansas City, Missouri.

The law’s prohibition on cooperating with outside groups seems to apply to “such radical organizations as the Girls Scouts, the Kiwanis Club and Rotary Club,” he says, because those groups have indicated their support of principles like promoting environmental quality, ending poverty or involving more women in government, all endorsed in Agenda 21.

One concern for Murphy is that the bill, if passed, might open the city to legal challenges. The legislation’s proponents “might say we’re not supposed to be working with some entity on renewable energy or with someone else on making our development code more receptive to promoting urban agriculture,” Murphy says.

"Sustainable" has become a dirty word. What I call a green walkable city they call an "urban sustainable walkable gulag." And it is just getting worse. Read it all at Jacob Scherr's blog at NRDC Switchboard.

NRDC: Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists threaten cities' sustainability efforts
Jacob Scherr of NRDC (a group that helped write the Agenda 21 document) looks at the success that the conspiracy theorists are having.

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