Interface Studio Architects Break Out Of The Box With Wild Parking Garage Design

Interface Studio Architects won TreeHugger's Best of Green prize in 2010 for their gritty urban work. They demonstrated a paradigm-busting playfulness with their frenetic Granary project. They write: "We believe that creativity and innovation are triggered by limitations."

But clearly, when there are no limitations, they go a bit wild and crazy, as they appear to have while competing to design a parking garage in Hong Kong. They describe the project:

This brief requested an innovative, integrated, and flamboyant approach to structured automobile parking. Our proposal looks to weave parking with other dynamic urban programs such as an athletic field, shopping, cafes, stormwater management, and green spaces. The 1,200 space garage is driven by an internal slope logic of cars, water and people that is deformed by urban forces such as key physical connections and views. The project aims to demonstrate a method of taking mundane urban programming through a remixing and amplification process resulting in something uniquely Hong Kong.

Most parking lots are pretty tedious places, simply storage. ISA turns it into an experience, a scenic drive, telling ArchDaily:

Unlike more typical new developments which continue to emulate western approaches to hiding cars, our proposal looks to capture new potentials for Hong Kong’s infrastructural personality by integrating the ritual of “the drive” with mixed programs.

I am not fond of above grade parking garages, particularly when they toss around the word "sustainable," which appeared on ArchDaily. But this one seems like it would be rather fun, with its athletic field, shopping, cafes and green spaces, like a giant vertical drive-in in a city where nobody drives. More at Interface Studio Architects

Interface Studio Architects Break Out Of The Box With Wild Parking Garage Design
What were our Best Of Green Architects from 2010 smoking when they came up with this?

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