Hit or Miss: Zebra crossing is lit up with embedded LEDs

Lighted zebra crossing
© Lighted Zebra Crossing BV

It is an interesting idea from Lighted Zebra Crossing BV: a lighted zebra crossing. Director Henk Peters explains and Google translates:

The idea behind this lighted crosswalk was born from our mission that pedestrians safely should be able to make crosswalks. Because of the poor visibility of pedestrians on zebra crossings traditional (in darkness or bad weather situations) take place daily accidents global. Unfortunately, often with fatal consequences.

So they embed these lights into the pavement at intersections, along with sensors that measure the number and speed of passing vehicles, axle loads and number of pedestrians. The lights go on when the pedestrian enters the roadway. According to ArchDaily,

The design of the crossing is intended for two types of roadways, using either pavers or asphalt. In the case of the first, the lights are protected by a steel structure, while in the second, they can be installed directly on the road surface.

It raises some interesting questions. According to the designers, "The placement of the lights assures less distraction to the motorist than light pillars as it helps drivers keep their visual attention on the road. " It certainly keeps the road free of overhead clutter. But does it do anything at all during the day? And what about when it snows?

I was going to try and photoshop the Beatles into a photo but they have already done that, showing the effect of a hypothetical lighted zebra crossing at Abbey Road in London. As this photo shows, they are not exactly being fair about the night shots.

Hit or Miss: Zebra crossing is lit up with embedded LEDs
Is this where you actually want the light?

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