Help Kickstart the "LowLine" an Underground Park in NYC

Dan Barasch and James Ramsey are moving forward with their plan to build the "LowLine," a futuristic park in New York City's Lower East Side of Manhattan that we previously covered here.

If you're familiar with the area you may be wondering where the park would go. Well, it's at site of an abandoned trolley station-below ground. Yes, an underground park!

"Remote Skylight" provides light to plants underground

How do you get trees and grass to grow below ground? According to LowLine Kickstarter page:

The system uses a system of optics to gather sunlight, concentrate it, and reflect it below ground, where it is dispersed by a solar distributor dish embedded in the ceiling. The light irrigated underground will carry the necessary wavelengths to support photosynthesis-- meaning we can grow plants, trees, and grasses underground. The cables block harmful UV rays that cause sunburn, so you can leave the SPF-45 at home.

The LowLine is their answer to the lack of green spaces in the area. They envision the underground park as a place for farmers markets, concerts and other events. In order to convince the City, investors and the MTA the team is trying to raise $100,000 to build a "mini LowLine" to take the idea from concept renderings to real life in a mockup at the Essex Street Market, an indoor public space in the neighborhood.

See the LowLine Concept Illustrations and Meet Dan and James

This is a remarkable use of the Willamsburg Trolley Terminal, built in 1903, below Delancey Street that hasn't been used since 1948. Pledges on their Kickstarter page start at $5.00.

You can also visit the DelanceyUnderground website for more information.

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Help Kickstart the "LowLine" an Underground Park in NYC
The Lower East Side of Manhattan could soon have an underground park, and the visionaries behind the idea are raising funds for a mock-up.

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