Giant Alligator Playground Crocheted by Olek in Sao Paulo

Graffiti knitting or guerrilla crochet is already mainstream in the Northern Hemisphere, but South America has been slow to catch up with the trend. Only in the past two years or so we've seen some trees getting colorful yarn applications around them.

Thus, it's no surprise this installation by Polish crochet star based in Brooklyn Agatha Olek in a playground at Brazil's largest city created a fuzz ( Designboom).

It was set up in the context of the annual Mostra das Artes (Art Shows) by the local chapter of SESC, a cultural organization supported by a tax on commerce. Covering a structure shaped like an aligator designed by Brazilian architect Márcia Maria Benevento and located at SESC Interlagos, the work combines crocheted yarns with knotted ribbons, a traditional local craft.

The colorful coverage is a nice change from the traditional concrete look seen everywhere in Sao Paulo.

Giant Alligator Playground Crocheted by Olek in Sao Paulo
The Brooklyn based artist participated in a local show covering a concrete playground in a mixture of knitted yarn and Brazilian ribbons.

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