First Look at New Micro-Apartment by LifeEdited

Graham Hill's LifeEdited designs 173 sq ft apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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Treehugger founder Graham Hill's new company LifeEdited has been quietly working on a number of projects around the world, teaming up with real estate developers and architects to design beautiful, functional small spaces. They (well "we". Full disclosure: I work for LifeEdited) have just announced their first major project, called VN Quatá, located in the Vila Olimpiá neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil. Working in partnership with VITACON (the developer) and Basiches Arquitetos Associados (the architect of record), LifeEdited has designed the interiors for the apartments, which are 173 sq ft/16 sq meters. The apartments also have a 75 sq ft/7 sq meter balcony.

Despite their compact proportions, units will be packed with features. Transforming elements such as hidden beds with sofas, seating for five at tables that go from coffee to dining heights and kitchen counters that moonlight as workstations and entertainment centers give the apartments the functionality of much larger spaces. To add a personal touch, the panel on the wall beds will have custom artwork specified by residents (see all example images at LifeEdited). The building will also feature hotel-like services like daily cleaning, laundry service, a gym, lounge, pool, cafe and more.

VN Quatá are more than tiny, tricked out spaces. They fit into a new ecosystem of living where access to amenities and proximity to work is valued over large, personal spaces. They represent a less car-centric existence than the one that characterizes life in São Paulo today, many of whose residents commute over three hours a day to work. At VN Quatá, residents can bike or walk to work or use one of São Paulo’s car or bike sharing programs for the times when they’re needed. See and read more at LifeEdited

First Look at New Micro-Apartment by LifeEdited
Treehugger founder Graham Hill's new company LifeEdited is open for business. Their first project is a 173 sq ft micro apartment in São Paulo, Brazil. We have a first look.

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