Disused Steel Mill Yard In Luxembourg Undergoes Smart Redesign Without Forgetting Its Past (Photos)

LUX Stahlhof Belval-Oues© Roger Wagner

Similar to New York City's Highline, this disused and grim industrial area in the south of Luxembourg, not far from where the exhibition All You Need took place some years ago, has been revived into a pleasant public space without deleting its past.

LUX Stahlhof Belval-Oues © Roger Wagner

LUX Stahlhof Belval-Ouest is an urban oasis between residential buildings and strange looking furnaces from the former steel industry. The space has pretty much been conserved and made friendly by incorporating plants and creating seating areas into the structures. The old industrial elements have basically been left in place as well as mosses and birch, and new designs and plants have been added to revive the space. The image below shows the site before the redesign.

LUX Stahlhof Belval-Oues before redesign© AllesWirdGut Architektur

The architects from AllesWirdGut in Vienna have used materials that age well, such as concrete, wood and untreated steel that “make it possible for the patina of the past to return”. A nice example of how to deal with disused industrial spaces by avoiding landfill and the use of too many new resources, and, by letting the site become history.

LUX Stahlhof Belval-Ouest© Roger Wagner

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