Steampunk Cat Transit System Shuttles Kitties across Mad Scientist's Secret Lab

Jillian Northrup and Jeffrey McGrew were pioneers in the field of "robot-empowered fabrication" at their design-build firm Because We Can. Now they have turned their attention to the growing field of Cat Transit Systems, designed to provide greater cat mobility and safety.

We at TreeHugger are not usually fans of grade separations for pedestrian cats, believing that they have a right to go where they want without restriction or limitation. However, these particular cats are crossing over a Secret Lab in a Mad Scientist Home Workshop, and that could be dangerous.

We hope that the CTS will be extended beyond the secret lab soon, complete with all its wonderful steampunk detailing.

TreeHugger first showed the work of Because We Can in 2007 as part of our special website on downloadable design, now only available in the Wayback Machine.

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