City of Drummondville, Quebec Says "Rip Out This Garden"

Michel Beauchamp and Josée Landry are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. According to the CBC,

They used to have flowers growing, but Beauchamp has high blood pressure and wanted to eat healthier. So they planted cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchinis, beets, onions, and brussels sprouts, among other vegetables. Landry said the garden has had a big impact on her and her husband's health. "Michel lost 75 lb since March, I lost 25 lb," she said.

But this isn't legal in Drummondville, where the current bylaw mandates 30% minimum sod cover. Furthermore the town hates veggies so much that they are changing the bylaws to ban them in front yards altogether. But Beauchamp and Landry aren't giving up:

The couple said they will not give up without a fight. "It must be a right to be able to grow our vegetables on our land. It is nonsense to ban it," said Beauchamp.

Not surprisingly, this has become an international cause célèbre, picked up by BoingBoing , who point to a petition we can all sign:

PETITION: Stop the War on Front Yard Vegetable Gardens - Arrêtez la Guerre contre les Potagers sur les Cours Avant

City of Drummondville, Quebec Says "Rip Out This Garden"
City says front yards should be grass, not vegetables, and is planning to ban them all.

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