And The Most Climate-Ready US City Is... San Francisco (Big Surprise)

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Triple Pundit has a top 10 list of the most climate-ready US cities that's worth checking out. It's not that there are many surprises on the list (just a few), certainly not that San Francisco tops it, Portland and Seattle come in second and third, and that New York is on the list. The interesting thing is to read the reasoning that goes into each ranking.For example, the surprise of Washington DC (no. 4):
While our federal law makers and senior political leadership based in Washington have seriously underachieved with respect to progress towards the low-carbon economy, the City, or District I should say, has earned this top 5 position.  Staying on the topic of public transit, DC residents are the 2nd most active users of rail transit in the U.S. and the 3rd highest per capita (behind New York and San Francisco).  The D.C. government has committed to reduce its emissions 30% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 (over 2006 levels), has passed a strong green building code, is 2nd in the country in green roofs (behind Chicago) and is 3rd in the nation in purchase of renewable power.

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