Agenda 21 Paranoia comes to Canada

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Perhaps the most important press gig in Canada is being senior correspondent for a major news network on Parliament Hill, and the Sun Media's Brian Lilley is turns out to be a bit of an Agender. Agenda 21, the 20 year old non-binding plan of action for sustainable development from the United Nations is a big deal in the USA, where the John Birch Society has been peddling it as the outline of a UN plot to take over America. Cities and towns all over the states are quitting the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives because they see it as the vanguard. Everything from bike lanes to transit are part of the scheme. It never got much traction outside of the States, but Brian Lilley is trying, particularly since David Suzuki mentioned it in a post. He really is just probably a David Suzuki basher, but felt it necessary to throw this bit of meat to his readers:

Agenda 21 is indeed a non-binding UN agreement but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have teeth. It guides the actions of the UN and leads to national governments acting on its plans. More worrisome, a number of cities and towns have joined ICLEI – International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. See if your town below has signed on and ask yourself if you heard any debate about this.

Agenda 21 is a bureaucrat to bureaucrat method of foisting UN approved environmental plans on local communities without the UN needing to deal with national governments. Sounds undemocratic to me.

So to Lilley, if planners join an international planning association to get information about sustainable development, a perfectly reasonable thing, it is an undemocratic plot. It doesn't sound like Brian Lilley has heard of Agenda 21 or ICLEI before, but he knows that if David Suzuki is for it, then he better be against it, so he descends into Glenn Beckistan to dump on it. He then lists all the cities and towns in Canada that are participating in this undemocratic plot, which cover the country from the Arctic to the Atlantic to the Pacific and probably includes 75% of the population and indeed some of the most conservative parts of the country:

Campbell River
City of Calgary
City of Edmonton
City of Greater Sudbury
City of Guelph
City of Hamilton
City of Kitchener
City of Mississauga
City of Regina
City of Toronto
City of Vancouver
Durham Region
Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Fort St. John
Halton Hills
Metro Vancouver
Red Deer
Region of York
The Blue Mountains
The Corporation of Delta
Town of Aurora
Town of Oakville
Ville de Montréal

Agenda 21. Today Canada, tomorrow the world.

Agenda 21 Paranoia comes to Canada
Toronto Sun Parliament Hill correspondent produces scary list of Canadian Cities that participate in ICLEI

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