Add a bit of fun to your long wait at the traffic light with StreetPong

streetpong photo
Screen capture HAWK Hildesheim

A few years back we showed a few examples of what was called "Fun theory"- a campaign by Volkswagen that showed how the best way to change behavior is to make it fun. One of the least fun things we do as pedestrians is wait for a very long light.

Now Pop-Up City shows this idea developed by design students Sandro Engel and Holger Michel. When the light turns red the button turns into a modified game of pong, with skateboards as the paddles. Joop de Boer writes on Pop-Up City:

STREETPONG from HAWK Hildesheim on Vimeo.

It potentially makes public spaces a little bit more fun and perhaps also a little bit more safe. Instead of punishing pedestrians who cross the road illegally, one should give them something to do while waiting. That’s how modern cities try to solve their problems. Also spontaneous interactions in public domain are stimulated by this traffic light game.

Really, it is hard enough being a pedestrian these days, and those waits can be very long. This should be everywhere!

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