This Unique Trailer Allows for Bicycle Delivery of Palletized Loads

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The BicyLift can be used to lift and haul Euro pallets full of products to congested urban centers, thereby avoiding the need for a truck.

A French startup has built a bicycle trailer that allows a single person to move a loaded Euro pallet by bike and by hand, which can be an alternative solution to lift-gate trucks and pallet jacks in crowded city streets. FlexiModal's BicyLift is a delivery tool that could make last-mile logistics much cleaner and quieter, as it allows pallets to be moved from depot to street to destination without the use of fossil fuels.

The BicyLift is designed to work with standard-sized Euro pallets measuring 120 x 80 cm, as well as with an "urban container," and it essentially combines a pallet jack (or forklift) and a delivery vehicle into a single conveyance. The device can be attached to or removed from a bicycle "with a single movement, using a single hand," and the 3-position drawbar allows the BicyLift to be adjusted to pull behind a bike, moved by hand, or parked. Mechanical disk brakes that work in concert with the bicycle's brakes, as well as a separate brake handle on the drawbar, provide secure braking both on and off of the bike.

FlexiModal BicyLift trailer

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The BicyLift has a carrying capacity of 180 kg (~400 lb), and an empty weight of 25 kg (55 lb), features front and rear lighting, and uses a pair of Schwalbe's 20×2.15′′ Big Apple Plus tires wrapped on double-walled rims to handle the heavy load and damp down road vibration. The trailer's two-wheeled design is much more maneuverable than a standard pallet jack, and its dimensions allow it to be used "at any time to access all the nooks and crannies of urban centres, to deliver merchandise right to the desired delivery point, out on the roads or right inside shopping centres."

For goods and parcel deliveries that aren't palletized, or that need to be sorted and secured, the BicyLift can be used with FlexiModal's 1m3 urban containers, which can haul a load weighing up to 140 kg (308 lb) in a completely enclosed, rugged, and lockable format.

FlexiModal urban container

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The wheeled containers can be stacked for storage or transport, and the lid and upper section of the urban container is designed for ease of loading and unloading of parcels. According to the company, several French companies are using the BicyLift, and recently NYC's Breakaway Courier has begun using both the trailer and urban containers in its delivery and logistics operations.