This Unique Bike With an Unforgettable Name Can Fit in Your Carry-On Bag

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The Kwiggle is a lightweight folding bike that is said to be like "a pleasant mixture of biking and walking" when riding it.

The great thing about folding bikes is that they're easier to haul with you when not riding them, but all too often, they're not quite small enough to be a true 'go anywhere' transport option. However, a new folding bike might fit the bill, as it lays claim to being the most compact bike in the world - capable of fitting into an airline carry-on bag - and weighs just under 19 pounds (8.5 kg). Plus, it's got the most fun (or funniest, whichever you prefer) name in the bike world, and offers a truly upright riding style for supporting the mobility of the back and preventing tension in the shoulder and neck while riding.

The Kwiggle Bike is a folding micro-bike built on a wrought-alloy aluminum frame that can fit into a space measuring 55 x 40 x 25 cm when folded, and can be stowed or unfolded quickly, while also allowing for riding at full-sized bike speeds (up to 30 kph/18.6 mph) for quick urban mobility. Its small size, said to be just 60% of the size and weight of other folding bikes, makes it easy to store at home or the office, and to carry along while using other forms of transportation.

In addition to its tiny footprint (wheelprint?), the Kwiggle bike enables a new riding posture - almost standing upright - that is said to be loved by orthopedic specialists:

"On Kwiggle you’re biking upright, almost upstanding but also supported by the seat. Hence, kwiggling is – orthopedically seen – a pleasant mixture of biking and walking.
"Kwiggle uniquely supports the mobility of the back and prevents tension in the shoulder and neck due to simple anatomical reasons: as long as your muscles are always in tension-relax-tension modus, as with kwiggling, no muscle aches. That’s why riding Kwiggle can be performed longtime.
"This makes Kwiggle an excellent device for outdoor fitness and back exercises."

An upright riding posture, such as 'city bike' frames and configurations offer, is gaining in popularity, as it enables riders to have more social riding experiences when in a group, to better see the scenery while riding, and to alleviate some of the back and neck discomfort that conventional road and mountain bike geometries can bring on. In this case, the Kwiggle is head and shoulders above even the most upright city bike posture, and is almost sure to attract attention from other cyclists no matter where it's ridden. And it's not just for tiny people, as the Kwiggle is said to have a max rider weight of 92 kg (202 lb) and to fit riders measuring 1.4 meters (~4.6 feet) to 1.9 meters (6 feet 2 inches) tall.

Kwiggle folding bike

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Developed over the course of seven years by its engineer inventor, Karsten Bettin (above), the Kwiggle bike is now looking for support on Kickstarter, where backers at the €1240 (~$1315) level will be the first to start kwiggling when it ships sometime in May of 2017.

C'mon, everybody kwiggle now!