Unicorn Poop and Kinked Colons: Squatty Potty Aims to Help You Get Things Moving

Screen capture. Squatty Potty

The best 3-minute video for a toilet stool that you'll ever see.

Warning: Graphic description of unicorn bowel movements and other toilet talk ahead.

There are two types of people in the world, those that squat and those that sit. In the bathroom on the toilet, that is. And according to the squatters, of which I'm a member, that difference is the key to a healthy colon, and hence a healthier life. To which the other group, the sitters, usually reply, "People squat when going to the bathroom? But why, when you've got a perfectly good ceramic throne to sit on?"

Quite simply, because squatting is our body's optimal position for bowel movements. When sitting on a modern toilet as we do a chair, our colon is essentially 'kinked' (as designed, so we don't relieve ourselves accidentally), which can lead to difficulties with constipation, hemorrhoids, and other afflictions to our nether regions. In the squatting position, however, with the knees up higher, the puborectalis muscle (which 'kinks' the colon) can fully relax and open, which leads to full evacuation of the colon, much quicker and easier than sitting down.

Keeping a step stool (a stool stool?) right by the toilet in the bathroom is an easy fix for better pooping on a modern toilet, as is making a DIY stool built to fit around the curve of the toilet, but there are also brands of stools designed specifically as toilet accessories, such as the $25 Squatty Potty. And when it comes to using video to market a piece of furniture intended to help you go to the bathroom easier, Squatty Potty's rainbow-pooping unicorn wins the internet, hands down (knees up?).

Squatty Potty, which was on Shark Tank last year, also has a guide to some of the most common health issues that may be helped (or avoided) with better bowel posture, and a couple of different options of stools for sale.