20 Unexpected Things You Can Fix With Sugru

You'll wonder how you ever got by without this malleable adhesive stuff.

hand holds red glob of Sugru sticky diy glue against plain white background

Courtesy of Sugru

Sugru is the best thing since duct tape and Super Glue. It's a putty-like substance that starts out malleable, then cures into whatever shape you form it into. It adheres to all types of surfaces, so you can use it for a staggering range of DIY projects, from repair jobs to customizing objects to suit your needs. It's sort of like Play-Doh, except for adults with practical needs.

Sugru users have found interesting and surprising uses for the stuff, and we have pulled some of our favorite household fixes for you to peruse. These will help spark your creativity and perhaps get you excited about repairing and modifying what you have, rather than replacing still-functional items. The more we can repair and extend the lifespan of our belongings, the fewer will end up in the landfill.

1. Patch Your Worn Pants

pants patched with Sugru

Interestingly enough, you can fix clothing with Sugru. You can use the material to tack down the edges of an iron-on patch for a fail-proof fix.

2. Make a Digital Camera Kid-Proof

A brilliant way to make a camera resistant to drops and dings is to cover it in Sugru. This project transforms an adult's digital camera into one that can bounce back from drops—literally. The idea is a hit among readers who are always looking for a way to customize and repair gadgets. Check out the bouncing, rolling camera in the video above.

3. Repair Refrigerator Shelves and Drawers

Repairing cracked fridge parts can be tough because the glue needs to withstand cold temperatures. Sugru is flexible and won't become brittle and snap in the cold. Your repairs will actually last. Check out the video above to see how to do it.

4. Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

make shoes comfortable with Sugru

Customizing the fit of your shoes is easy with Sugru, which you can shape to the contours of your feet. By adding a little bit to parts of a shoe that hurt your feet, such as seams that rub your heel raw, you can make your shoes feel as good as they look.

5. Fix Gaps in Your Wood Floor

Sugru floor repair

If you need a quick, fast and durable fix for gaps between wooden floorboards, you can turn to Sugru. And because you can mix your own colors with different primary colors of Sugru, you'll be able to come up with a shade that blends better than the blue used here.

6. Make Fancy Bumpers for iPhones

Sugru iPhone bumpers

You don't have to drop a lot of money for fancy and fun bumpers to protect your iPhone. Design and craft your own with Sugru, and ensure your screen is safe from cracking when dropped.

7. Make an Easy GoPro Tripod Mount

Sugru GoPro mount

The cost of GoPro cases and accessories can really start to add up, which is why finding ways to create your own mounts with Sugru is a smart idea. This project shows you how to create a new mount for attaching your GoPro to a tripod using Sugru and a quick-release plate, but the same idea can be applied to just about any device.

8. Repair Your Laptop Charger

Laptop charger repair with Sugru

It can be expensive to replace a laptop charger as it ages and the cord starts to fray. One idea for a quick fix is to use a bit of Sugru; it will reinforce the cord while keeping it bendable, so you can still roll up the cord with ease.

9. Repair Cracks in Your Car Dashboard

dashboard repair with Sugru

No one enjoys having to take the car in to the repair shop. If it can be fixed at home and on the cheap, all the better! One clever Sugru user figured out that the substance makes a great and lasting fix for cracked dashboards and other parts of a car's interior.

10. Turn an Old Book Into an iPad Case

iPad cover made with Sugru

Covering a Kindle or iPad with an old book is a great way to bring some vintage flair to a more modern gadget. Find an old book at a thrift shop (or on your own bookcase) that has an interesting cover, add some Sugru, and voilà! You have a cool, unique case that is a fraction of the cost of a new accessory.

11. Replace Nose Pads on Glasses

Sugru eyeglass pads

If you've broken off the nose pad of your sunglasses, you may want to consider Sugru to replace it instead of tossing out the entire pair. A little bit of Sugru can be molded onto the glasses and fit perfectly to your face before it cures into place.

12. Repair Earbuds

earbuds repaired with Sugru

If you've ever damaged your earbuds, this repair is for you. Here's how to fix the rubber padding on the earbuds as well as the plastic casing around the wires.

13. Fix Your Boots

boots repaired with Sugru

If your boots are coming apart at the seams, consider how you might fix them with a little Sugru. The putty can bind pieces back together, so you can keep your favorite boots in use for longer. It almost looks like the accent color was meant to be there!

14. Improve Your Clothes Hanger

Hanger with Sugru

This is a great way to make your plain hangers hold on to your clothing better. The grips are perfect for clothes like tank tops, scoop necks, or anything with thin spaghetti straps that keep slipping off the edges of the hangers.

15. Repair a Broken Mug Handle

mug handle repaired with Sugru

Sure, super glue would work, but only if the handle is still in decent shape. If not, you can make an entirely new handle with Sugru and stick it to your favorite old mug.

16. Create Nonslip Stove Grates

stovetop Sugru bumpers

This is a great idea for grates that tilt, wobble or slide out of place. A dab of Sugru makes them much more solid for cooking.

17. Replace a Missing Dial

Crock Pot dial fixed with Sugru

This fix is for a missing dial on a slow cooker, but the same could be done for missing dials on all sorts of appliances.

18. Insulate a Pot Handle

pot handle insulated with Sugru

A smart way to make sure you don't get burned when grabbing onto a pot handle is to add Sugru to it. No need for an oven glove—it acts as a form of insulation. You should still always double-check a handle before grabbing it with your full hand.

19. Replace a Zipper Pull

Sugru zipper pull

It's so frustrating when a pull comes off a zipper, but this is an easy way to fix the problem. Make your own.

20. Make Universal Cable Grips

Sugru cable grip

Organize your cords anywhere, on any surface. This is a great way to keep all those wires in check, without having to buy special organizers that might not work for the cords you have or in the spot you want organized.