The top 10 posts of the week, chosen by our newsletter readers

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Every day, 40,000 subscribers get the newsletter summary of the previous day in TreeHugger, (What, you don't get it? Sign up here! and every Friday, we pick the most popular stories from each daily newsletter and make a weekly. It's actually an interesting exercise, with our newsletter readers tastes often differing.

For instance this week, the most popular newsletter story was The pains and joys of recycling, the latest in the continuing exchange of letters between city girl Margaret and country girl Katherine. (read the weekly newsletter here)

in the grass© Leonardo Finotti

The top story of the week on TreeHugger was a look at a stunning little prefab, " which combines a simple, elegantly put together design with fabulous photography by Leonardo Finotti. This thing just glows. More in TreeHugger

Duracell bus shelterDuracell/Video screen capture

The oddball story of the week described a bus shelter that will keep you warm, but only if you hold hands with your fellow passengers. It drew the best comment of the week: "I'd rather freeze."

jumper little penguin© Phillip Island Nature Parks.

Your Editor's Pick is Margaret's coverage of The great penguin sweater controversy, where she followed up on an earlier controversial post with some real journalistic digging!

The top 10 posts of the week, chosen by our newsletter readers
Every week we pull together the most popular posts from the daily newsletter and turn them into a weekly. You can help too!

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