Newsletter readers select the top ten posts of the week

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TreeHugger publishes a newsletter at 8:30 EDT every morning; Every Friday, we assemble a weekly newsletter based on the most popular stories in our daily paper. The results are often different than the top ten as generated from straight page views; it represents the personal biases and interests of regular readers. You can sign up for the daily or weekly newsletter here and be part of the process! In no particular order, here were the ten favorite stories opened by our regular newsletter readers.

Tiny house + parking garage = the future of urban housing?

This is such a wonderful idea. Take our parking garages and turn them into vertical trailer parks for tiny homes!

When life gives you invasive jellyfish.... turn them into paper towels and diapers!

Jellyfish aren't quite taking over the world's oceans, but they are certainly causing big problems, enough for all kinds of original ways of reducing their numbers to have been proposed. Here's the best Mike's seen so far. Don't read the comments.

9 tips on how to 'eat clean' when you're traveling

drinking coconut water in Brazil© K Martinko

Katherine, who has eaten everything everywhere, gives us 9 tips on how to 'eat clean' when you're traveling

Everyone's excited about the food truck revolution, but what are the implications for urbanism and the environment?

gourmet bitches torontoLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

Everybody seems to love food trucks. Lloyd expresses some concerns, but the consensus is that their virtues outweigh the problems and that Lloyd is just wrong.

#1 problem with owning an electric car?

Nissan LEAF 99,999th© Nissan

The #1 problem with electric cars is not the one you think it is.

How 2 students changed the way we think about cardboard boxes

This past winter, two Cooper Union students shared their idea for a better cardboard box. Their video presenting the Rapid Packing Container went viral. Henry Wang and Chris Curro explain.

The really hot poop on composting toilets: It can heat your house

biological furnace© Goodbye to the flush toilet, Rodale Press

Composting toilets are hot! So hot that one scientist tried to heat his house with it.

Garage by Graypants is gorgeous and green

It's supposed to be a renovation but it's hard to see what's left of the old garage that has been rebuilt by Graypants.

Wondering how to make your hair grow better? Do it naturally with these 8 tips.

Cheaper than Rogaine, Katherine gives us 8 natural tips for making your hair grow better.

Build this open source DIY wind turbine for $30

DIY wind turbineSolarFlower/Video screen capture

We love DIY so here's a vertical axis wind turbine you can build for thirty bucks.

Newsletter readers select the top ten posts of the week
A change in the way we pick our top ten posts of the week

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