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Newsletters have been around since the beginning of the Internet, and many people have said they would go the way of the newspaper, as people use search or RSS to filter out the noise. In fact, the reverse is happening, as people look for that personal touch. I subscribe to a lot of them, where people I respect tell me their take on a story and deliver it to my email inbox every day.

That's what we try to do with our TreeHugger newsletters. As editor, I pick what I think are the most interesting stories of the previous day on TreeHugger, try to come up with a humorous and grabby lead-in and give you the best of TreeHugger.

You, dear reader, put together the weekly newsletter that comes out on Friday; I simply assemble the most popular stories from the week of newsletters. It is often fascinating how your choices in the newsletter differ from readers on the site itself. So sign up for either here. After you put in your email address, it will ask you which newsletter you prefer.

Oh, and our sister site Mother Nature Network has newsletters too.

Get your daily or your weekly TreeHugger newsletter!
A lot of people thought the newsletter was going to die out, but in fact they are coming back. Here's why.

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