8 Unbelievable Octopus Videos

Bottom view of a reddish-colored octopus in dark waters next to coral and fish

Serena Repice Lentini / Unsplash

We know we should never underestimate the octopus, and these videos prove it. They can escape through impossibly small holes, open canisters of food, beat sharks in a battle of life and death, mimic other sea creatures, and show some amazing hunting and hiding skills. Watch these videos and be completely amazed -- and perhaps a little unnerved -- by this species.

One of our favorites is watching this octopus Houdini as it escapes a boat via a tiny, tiny hole:

And then there is The Amazing Shapeshifting Mimic Octopus! This shows how one species of octopus, the Mimic Octopus, will change its shape to mimic different poisonous and dangerous animals of the sea. So far, scientists recognize at least 15 different mimicked species in the repertoire!

Walking on land! This octopus doesn't mind getting out of the water if it means the possibility of finding a meal or a better spot in the tide pool.

Using tools! This octopus uses a coconut shell to act a bit like a hermit crab's shell, providing hiding and protection.

Oh and sharks? Yeah, no problem. This octopus opens a food canister while fending off a shark Talk about tenacity!

And did you ever think you'd see an octopus attack a shark and win the battle? Crazy!

They also have some phenomenal camouflage capabilities, and brilliant hunting skills:

They're SMART! Really, really, smart. Scary smart.