U.K.'s First Recycled Kitchen

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This fully recycled kitchen, the first in the U.K., uses only materials of minimum 50% and up to 100% recycled content. Although it was difficult for Milestone Design, all of the materials have been sourced from within Britain. The designers wanted to prove that eco design does not have to be expensive and can be done well within most people's budgets. Clever and economical use of materials was key to the construction. The cupboard doors were made from yoghurt pots and foil lids (which add a sparkle to them). It takes about 700 pots to make one door. The worktops are made from vending machine coffee cups--2,400 are used to make one metre of counter. The cabinets are made from 50% recycled wood products, including fruit crates, sawmill trimmings and pallets. The sink is made from recycled content steel, which is in turn recyclable. It took two years to develop the kitchen which was designed for the middle market. As the designer said: "We collect all these materials in our kitchens, so it's absolutely appropriate that they should return as kitchen furniture". :: Milestone Design via :: Guardian