UK Marks First Coal-Free Day Since Industrial Revolution

©. National Grid Control Room

The UK was an epicenter of the Industrial Revolution, and the smog and emissions that came with it. So it was encouraging, to say the least, to hear about the country's CO2 emissions falling to Victorian-era levels. In another sign that things are changing fast back in Blightey, the National Grid just announced that it had its first 100% coal-free day since coal use for electricity began:

Now, as skeptics noted on my previous stories about the UK's decline in emissions, we shouldn't forget that a large amount of the country's heavy industry has now been outsourced to foreign shores. Similarly, we should note that many of Britain's power stations have switched from burning coal to burning trees—hardly a step up in the climate fight.

Still, as The Guardian noted in its story about Friday's achievement, the very first electricity from coal was produced in London at the Holborn Viaduct power station. It's neat to see signs of the next Industrial Revolution picking up steam in a country that was so central to the last one.