UK City Goes All in on Electric Taxis

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CC BY-SA 2.0. Isaac Bordas

The ranks of black cabs in city centers across the UK might be an iconic sight, but they aren't particularly green. At least not yet. But that's about to change as cities struggle with air quality, and as the classic black cab gets a plug-in version with significant electric-only capabilities.

Now Business Green reports that Coventry—the 9th largest city in the UK—is going all-in on electric taxi deployment, offering a range of incentives that includes £2,500 incentive packages to the first 60 drivers placing orders for plug-in cabs, as well as free charging and zero commission fares on bookings made through the city's taxi app. The city is also rolling out 39 rapid charging stations, with 9 being unveiled immediately.

Much like Shenzhen, China, where a fleet of 14,000 all electric buses just happens to be in the hometown of electric bus maker BYD, there are solid reasons why Coventry would be so bold. The city just happens to be the hometown of the London Electric Vehicle Company, the makers of the bold new plug-in black cab.

So Coventry's efforts to clean its air and protect its citizens will pay double dividend—helping to nurture a fledgling industry that looks to have a bright future ahead of it.