Modern Tiny House Rental Sits Like a U.F.O. In the Austrian Alps

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Video screen capture. DW News| The Ufogel Hotel | Euromaxx | YouTube

For those of us who like the idea of tiny homes but would rather rent one than build one, there are plenty of stunning micro-homes available for rent all over the world. This polyhedral-shaped modernist cabin outside of Lienz, Austria offers incredible mountain views and unforgettable interior design.

Dubbed the Ufogel (a combination of "U.F.O." and the German "Vogel" for bird), the structure is raised on stilts, making it resemble an alien craft or bird that has landed, with minimal impact on the ground.

Measuring 485 square feet, the compact house is built out of larch wood and clad in a traditional manner, yet also features an interior with clean, modern lines and cozy nooks inviting you to relax comfortably, or to climb to the upstairs loft to take a long nap.

Outfitted with a wood stove, small kitchen, full bathroom and separate seating and sleeping areas (a large master bedroom and a smaller room suitable for kids), the design's strength comes from its clever and efficient overlapping of spaces and use of natural daylighting, in particular its large front windows allowing a panoramic view of the Tyrolean mountains.

Capable of accommodating up to five people, this lovely and modern design is a European take on the tiny house phenomenon, available to rent for your next holiday.