Udderly Adorable Baby Cows and Goats

large cow butts head baby goat

Dragos Ness / Shutterstock


June is National Dairy Month, a time to honor the country's dairy producers and acknowledge the delicious importance of milk, yogurt and cheese in a well-balanced diet. What better way to celebrate such a cheesy holiday than with baby animal photos?

baby goat eats hay through fence
Treehugger / Anastasia Tretiak
baby goat eats hay out of feedlot
Treehugger / Anastasia Tretiak
small goat with horns stares at camera
Treehugger / Anastasia Tretiak
baby goat gets on hind legs to eat
Treehugger / Anastasia Tretiak
baby goat smiles into camera
Anke Licht / Shutterstock
baby cow kisses mom in grass
Canetti / Shutterstock
baby cow stands alone in grass field
Nate Allred / Shutterstock
shaggy highland brown baby cow in grass
Qvist2000 / Shutterstock