Two Kids Go Superhero to Promote Solar Power

Carrick Gareth McCullough solarize solar eyes
Video screen capture. carrickgareth

carrickgareth/Video screen capture

A few years ago, we featured a video starring nine-year-old Carrick McCullough as he traveled the country with his family in a vegetable oil-powered VW Beetle, promoting clean energy. Carrick, now 13, is the star of another TreeHugger-approved video, this time joined by his younger brother Gareth. Working to promote solar power in the Sutton and Millbury, Massachusetts, the young McCulloughs fired up their superpowers (and Gareth donned his cape) to make sparks fly.

gareth carrick mccullough solarize video

garethcarrick/Video screen captureLast month, Millbury and Sutton were selected to participate in Solarize Mass, an initiative to encourage the adoption of small scale solar power on homes and other buildings around the state. Colin McCullough, Carrick and Gareth's father, is working with Solarize MIllbury-Sutton, and his sons are pitching in.

The video is called "Solar Eyes," a pun on "solarize". The kids put on solar panel glasses and roam about town shooting blue lightning from their fingers (à la Emperor from Star Wars) at various buildings, and a cow. Everything they zap is magically equipped with solar panels.

It's a goofy and endearing video, and a nice way to let people imagine what their houses would look like equipped with solar panels. Maybe the next one should feature the superheroes using their powers to reduce energy bills and restore landscapes devastated by coal mining, to really hammer home the message.