Would You Shop Blind (For a Cause)?

When Bradford and Bryan Manning were kids, they were diagnosed with Stargardt disease, a form of macular degeneration that affects central vision. As they began to lose more of their eyesight, the brothers started to rely more and more on their sense of touch. When they'd go shopping, for example, they'd feel around the racks of clothes, choosing items strictly based on which ones were the softest.

When the Mannings decided to devote their lives to help fund blindness research, it only made sense they would start a clothing company. They started Two Blind Brothers, a charitable apparel company with 100 percent of profits going to retinal research. Many of the items incorporate braille in their designs, symbolizing the way the brothers grew up reading. And everything is exceptionally soft.

Right now, the brothers have hidden the products on their website, inviting people to "shop blind." Shoppers can choose to spend $32, $69 or $89 and then take a leap of faith, knowing only that they'll get an item that will help fund blindness research. (You can select size, color and gender in a later step.) The brothers explain it in the video above.

On the website, they say, "The ethos behind Shop Blind is simple: we blacked out our website so that you won't be able to see any of the items we normally sell. The premise of Shop Blind is 'trust' — we’re asking you to trust us to get a product we think you will LOVE without ever having seen it; the same way we place our trust in others to accomplish everyday tasks many often take for granted."