Spacious Two-Bedroom Tiny House Is Fit for a Small Family

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©. The Tiny Life/YouTube Indigo Tiny House Tour - Driftwood Homes USA

One of the various criticisms levied against smaller homes, especially tiny houses, is the notion that they are only big enough for singles and couples to live in. But we've seen four-person families take the plunge, as well as couples with dogs. In a smart twist on the tiny family home that offers a bit more privacy for each occupant, South Carolina-based Driftwood Homes created this two-bedroom dwelling that features an extra large loft and a ground-floor master bedroom that doubles as an office.

Built on a 24-foot trailer, the 280-square-foot Indigo has its sitting area right in the middle of the action. The kitchen, which has a full-sized, four-burner propane stove/oven and three-quarter height refrigerator and fold-down table, is placed off to the side with a full wall with reclaimed barn wood to itself, giving the space a more open feel.

On the opposite end, the stairs leading up to the loft can also hold various knick-knacks.

Upstairs, the loft is quite generous, but the headroom looks like it might take some contorting to get used to.

Back downstairs, there's a corridor that leads to the bathroom and master bedroom, both of which are situated right under the loft. The bathroom features a tiled shower with a convenient ledge to sit on.

Coming into the master bedroom, the clever idea is to use a fold-up Murphy bed that can double as a desk during the day.

The Indigo is laid out to offer each person their own space to retreat to; we can imagine a parent or two living here with their adolescent child, for example. Tiny homes like this show that smaller homes don't necessarily have to be cramped or lack privacy; with a bit of careful designing they can be quite suitable for families looking to get out of the mortgage trap too.

[Via: Tiny Home Swoon]