TV Theme Song Helps Police Locate Lost Husky

Being separated from a pet is never an easy thing. There's a lot of searching, posting of "Have You Seen This Dog?" flyers and enlisting people to help — but that help doesn't always include asking the police to play a TV theme song to see how the dog responds.

Such was the case for an Israeli man on the hunt for a missing Siberian husky. Police had located a neglected dog near an archaeological dig site in southern Israel that matched the description of the missing dog, according to From the Grapevine.

The dog's human companion told the police that the best way to confirm the husky was his was to play the theme song to an Israeli sitcom, "Shemesh." If the dog started "singing" along, that was his missing husky.

Police did as they were asked and, the dog immediately perked up and began to howl along with the tune. They contacted the man, and he rushed to the police station for a very happy reunion.