Bicycle for a Day & Adam Kalkin Turning Shipping Containers Into Afghani Bike Shop

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Back on Earth Day I got the scoop from Matthew Modine about Bicycle For a Day's plans to send shipping containers full of bicycle parts to Afghanistan and sent up shop. Once there the containers would be assembled into store where local kids could learn to assemble bikes and the rudiments of being bicycle mechanics. Well, the project is taking a little more shape and at last Thursday's BFAD fundraiser architect Adam Kalkin was on hand showcasing his plans for the shipping container store:

bicycle for a day adam kalkin shipping container bike shop image
bicycle for a day adam kalkin shipping container bike shop image

The drawings are pretty self-explanatory, but the two bottom containers with their interior sides partially removed have bike display in them with space for bike repair in the middle. Those stairs go up to further bike storage on the top level, in the third shipping container.

Getting Afghani Kids Into Biking is a Subversive Act
So why bicycling in Afghanistan? On Earth Day and other occasions Modine has described the whole thing as being a sort of Trojan Horse: Picturing the whole thing, exposing kids in a war-torn area that's been living under oppressive theocratic rule for years now, as a subversive act. Bicycling's a great thing for the planet and your health anyplace, but in a place like that it can be even more liberating.

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